Tuesday, 13 March 2012

OBIEE the "developersprompt"

Thanks to John

When I'm developing a dashboard I often want to play around with some basic settings like cache hit & seed and loglevel. Normally you have go back to answers or your administration panel to change these settings (temporarily). I always advice my developers to make a 'developersprompt'......It's a simple LOV prompt which returns me 3 presentation variables (dp_cache{0,1}, dp_seed{0,1} and dp_log{0,1,2}.

In the prefix of each report we default add:

(you can find the postfix block in the advanced tab of your report)

When developing your dashboard you can playaround with different settings to find the optimum. Leave the prompt on the dashboard and make in only 'available' for administrators or developers, so that in time of "trouble" your are quickly able to bypass the cache or turn on logging.

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