Monday, 5 March 2012

Overlapping of charts and tables -Workaround

One of the major issue what everyone faces is the 'Overlapping of the Chart and table when downloaded to Excel'
Oracle had told to fix these small issues in 1.6.0 version.

So, here is a small workaround to resolve the issue:

Place a narrative text between the chart and the table/pivot table view. With the following code:
<span style="display:none">[br/][br/][br/][br/][br/][br/][br/][br/][br/][br/][br/][br/][br/][br/][br/][br/][br/][br/][br/][br/][br/][br/][br/][br/][br/][br/][br/]</span>

Check the HTML and also the number of [br/] tags depends on the requirement.

Save it and export the reports.  You will see the chart and the table view separately.


  1. Great...worked for me...


  2. Hi,

    It doesnt work for me as i have Charts and Tables are part of different Analysis and placed in multiple sections. Any suggestions plz..

  3. Thanks it worked for me to resolve filter values overlapping on chart....


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