Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Export the complete Page Reports to a single Excel

You can try the below steps to achieve the 'Export' link.

* Assuming your report is on dashboard and you have your 'download' link enabled on the report.
* Right click on the dashboard and select 'View Source' option to view the source code.
* Make a search for 'Download to Excel'. Once located, copy the content of onclick (corresponding to its hyperlink tag) to a notepad. The content of onClick would look something like below.

"NQWClearActiveMenu();Download('saw.dll?Go&_scid=EEiEi*U0ew8&ViewID=d\x253adashboard\x257ep\x253a8t7igvv28p1f5e2e\x257er\x253aq37t8qsctk4igjnh&Action=Download&SearchID=664dittlo1tmju315m6ladu8ua&PortalPath=/users/administrator/_portal&Page=ABC&ViewState=iiecrnlau14ue83nmb05ng4i7e&ItemName=ParentReport&Format=mht&Extension=.xls'); return false"

* Now place a 'text object' on the dashboard above the report, open properties, check 'Contain HTML Markup' option and put the code as show below:

<a href="javascript:void(null)" onClick=<ContentCopiedInAboveStep> >Export All</a>
* Now you will see a link named Export. Click on the link to check if you are getting the desired result. 

I have tried this on 10g with single report on dashboard.


  1. for single report anyways obiee itself gives u download to excel option, how does this help when multiple requests in a single dasboard to be downloaded at once??

  2. I guess the heading misguided you. The above work around will produce a customized link to export the report data.
    My mistake.
    When you need to export the complete dashboard then in the Edit Dashboard link-->Print-->Print HTML/Print PDF.
    Thanks for the comment.

  3. I have a compund layout where in i have a table and a chart layouts arranged horizontically.I wouldlike to download this compound layout in excel.When i am trying to downlaod in excel, the chart is downlaod in the single column.How can i over ride this.Please Help me regarding this issue.

  4. Page components can be downloaded in options with HTML and PDF-Edit Dashboard link-->Print-->Print HTML/Print PDF.
    If your requirement can be incorportated using a pivot table then you can opt for pivot chart and that can be downloaded with a single Export option.
    Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Hi,

    I have a report in a folder which is inside a dashboard. I am not able to enable the export option for this type of report.

    We are using 11g OBIEE

  6. Hi..
    I have a dashboard with a prompt. i want to get a pdf of the dashboards for every value in the prompt. prompt has more than 100 values in it.
    So i have to select the values in prompt for 100 times to take pdf for 100 different values of prompt. Is there any way to get the pdfs of the dashboard with out selecting the prompt for 100 times.

  7. Nazi
    Insert a Narrative section between the Graph and Table. Make sure the HTML option is on. Isert couple of line breaks there.

    You will NOT have the overlap of graph and table in Excel

    Saji Varghese.

  8. Hi harika,

    The best option would be using BI Publisher. You can split the report by your prompt.


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