Saturday, 31 March 2012

Row Count- Conditions when you can do a Row Count

Row counts are not available for the following:
■ Stored Procedure object types
■ XML data sources and XML Server databases
■ Multidimensional data sources.
■ Data sources that do not support the CountDistinct function, such as Microsoft Access, MicrosoftExcel
■ In Online mode, Update Row Count will not work with connection pools in which the session variables
 :USER and :PASSWORD are set as the user name and   password.In offline mode, the Set values
 for variables dialog box appears so that you can populate the session variables :USER and :PASSWORD.
■ In online mode, after importing or manually creating a physical table or column, Oracle BI Server
does not recognize the new objects until you check them   in. Therefore, Update Row Count will
not be available in the menu until you check in these objects.

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