Thursday, 31 May 2012

Images in Ticker with Hyperlink

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When images needs to be added in the ticker and depending upon the image click it has to navigate to separate reports. I am using <a href> inside the column formula-

'<a href="../analytics/saw.dll?Answers&Action=results&path=Pathofreport1">
<img src="../analytics/res/s_blafp/images/report_account_appl.jpg" width="150" height="40" />
<a href="../analytics/saw.dll?Answers&Action=results&path=Pathofreport2">
<img src="../analytics/res/s_blafp/images/report_activities.jpg" width="150" height="40" />

Check the HTML in the Data format.
And if the image still doesnt appear then restart the Services. And blue border should appear around the image.
Then just have the ticker and it works as expected.

The above is tried in obiee 11g only.

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