Saturday, 26 May 2012

Displaying Any Record by Default

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When user requests to see any record as the default value, ie even if any value is selected/ not selected in the prompt.

To display the column at the top always-
If the records are limited then you can use case statements in a separate column and sort them to show the first record at the top, else you need to go for sort column in the BMM layer RPD.
I used case statement and hidden it.
In the dashboard prompt you need to specify the presentation variable name. So that the variable value is also passed to the report. In 10g only one value can be passed, but in 11g you have the option to pass multiple values to the report through the presentation variable.

In the report criteria, you need to specify the filter values as
column_name equal to presentation variable
or equal to the Default value (in my case its Type 4).

Now pull both the prompt and report. 

By default the report shows Type 4 value as the presentation variable value is not passed.
Now when we click on the prompt value then Type 4 as well as value selected appears.

There can also be various other ways. Explore them and post them... 

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