Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Master Detailed report on the same page. Navigate to the same page/ window

We had a requirement where Master and Detailed report should be shown on the same report on click of the measure value as shown below.

Initially, I have built a Master report and gave navigation to the same page.

In the Detailed report made the columns as 'is prompted' and kept the two reports in two different sections.

Built one intermediate report for the validation. That is, generally the detailed report should not be shown to the user, when the user clicks on the measure value then only the Detailed report should be visible at the below of the Master Report.

In the Detailed report section in the 'Edit Dashboard' gave the condition with reference of the Intermediate report and gave the condition as "equal to 1".So that the report is not visible at the initial view to the user. And save the page.

Now when the user clicks on the measure value then it navigates to the same page, but the values is passed to the detailed report as it contains 'is prompted'.

Hope this helps alot people out there.

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