Thursday, 28 June 2012

Hierarchy in Answers

Hierarchies can be created in the RPD and viewed in the answer report. Hierarchies plays an important role in OBIEE to see the drill down hierarchy order. In RPD hierarchy is created according to the requirement and viewed accordingly in the answers.
Here in my case, I will show you the case of creating a hierarchy based report from the answers directly. But remember this is not a hierarchy columns created from the RPD Hierarchy.
And you need to remember that the values into the column should be in the order of the hierarchy that is to be displayed on the page.
NOTE- Only dimension columns seems to work fine without fact columns.
So, this structure can be used to display a certain hierarchy level without the means of fact columns.

In the report, drag the dimension column which contains the values to be displayed in hierarchial order.

Add a second dummy column in the report with the HTML Data format enabled. Add the mentioned column formula to stimulate the required changes using HTML. I am adding a default RED color to display behind the word.

And view the report and save it.

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