Monday, 25 June 2012

Flat Files Import

Gone through blogs to view if we can connect to the notepad data from OBIEE. And of course, many blogs threw light on the procedure. I would like to elaborate more on the concept here in this blog. Data loading from notepad is very rare but good to know the process of importing the data and its configuration settings.
I am having the below shown data in the notepad. And rememeber it is tab indented. So you need to be careful while entering your data.

As you all know, we need to have a DSN connection configured to have the notepad data imported to RPD. Creating a System DSN with Microsoft Text Driver.

Select Directory and save the path from where you need to import the data from the notepad.
You need to click on the 'Define Format'.

Click on the 'Guess'button. The setting will try to find the appropriate setting of the data which is retrieved from the notepad data.

You can click on the values and modify or remove the columns according to your requirements.
Once all the above steps are complete then click on OK and close the connection settings.

In the RPD import the notepad file by selecting the appropriate DSN entry made earlier. And also give the name of DSN entry as the username.

And view the data. And data pops up with beauty

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