Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Dymanic Title - Getting value of a CELL

- In the narrative view, check the option 'Contains HTML Markup'. Then for different sections specify the values as mentioned below:
prefix: <script type="text/javascript"> var cnt=1;
Narrative: if(cnt==5)document.write('@3');cnt=cnt+1;
postfix: </script>
- While you are editing in narrative view, ensure you uncheck the 'Display Results' checkbox.
- Now add this view to your compound layout. You should be able to see value in 3rd column 5th row. Here in cnt==5, 5 is the row number which we want to display.
- What this piece of code does is that it sets a counter equivalent to the row number and if the row number equals the value specified it will display the value, else it won't.

This e.g. is for 10g. You can try repeating the same steps to achieve this in 11g too.


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