Monday, 2 July 2012

Change the Date Format/ Evaluate Function

OTN forum keeps on getting the requests for changing the default date formats. They need to either pass the presentation variable into the desired date formats or change the date formats in the reports. Many blogs would represent different methods or representing them. In this post I will show three different methods of representing the Date formats and a final screen show casing the final comparison of the three methods.

I am pulling four columns-
First is the original Date column
Second is the Evaluate Date column
Third is the Custom Date column
Fourth is the Cast Date column

First method- EVALUATE Function.

Second method- Changing with custom Date format in the Data format.

Third method- Casting with Date format.

And the final comparison of the above three methods.

And also try the below formatting in the RPD side-

-In the physical layer in the schema general properties-try to change the types after searching for DATE.
-the execute on connect of the connection pool write the below code-

Comments are always welcome and please add on if any other methods could do the trick.

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