Thursday, 8 November 2012

11g Removing the Gray Header from Reports

In 11g, the user can right click on the pivot table report and do sorting excluding the column etc.. also a little grey header on the column heading appears.
This feature is good to some extend and worse in most of the cases. Supposing the user wants to disbale all this, then there should be a way out :)

To remove the gray color tab appearing above the column headings in the pivot table.

Just Edit your analysis and then click on "Analysis Properties dialog" then select Interactions tab here you uncheck all the Interactions link then save it and test it.
 If you want to disable enitre report just add below content in your instanceconfig.xml file then restart bi presentation services then test it out.

Include the elements and their ancestor elements as appropriate, as shown in the following example:

For More Refer Oracle Note:
18.3.4 Manually Configuring for Interactions in Views


Or to individual pivot table report,  add this code in the static view and append it to pivot table view

<script type="text/javascript">
var tds = document.getElementsByTagName('td');
var lCSS = new Array();
for(var td=0;td<tds.length;td++){
if( tds[td].className != 'PTCC' ){
if( tds[td].className != 'PTCHC0 PT_CPLCHLD PTLC' ){
for(var len =0; len < lCSS.length; len++){

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  1. Hi ,

    I did the above pivot solution for only pivot view but then its removing the measure column heading name and shifting to the left column.

    Any fix for that ?



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