Friday, 7 September 2012

Maximum value from Multiple Columns

One of the user in OTN forum had this question, to display the maximum value with MULTIPLE column values.
For Example-
If you have metric columns 1,2,3

             Metric 1        Metric 2       Metric 3
                 1                         2                   3
                 4                         5                   6
In the above example Metric 3 with value 6 should be shown as the maximum value.
Before going ahead read the post-

This is probably my way to resolve this, but hope to see comments, arguments and other better ways to resolve this issue.
I built a report with Metric 1 column and then made use of the combine with similar request for the second Metric 2 and again combined with Metric 3 column.

And in the column which has the metric columns make its sorting as descending, so that it shows the max value at the first position.

In the narrative view, use any customized message and in the 'Rows to display' set it as 1. So that it always shows the max first value
And the result...

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