Monday, 9 January 2012

Hide Measure Column

Going forward you can refer this link below if it satisfies your requirement-

1.First we are creating a report with a dimension and two measure columns in which we will hide one of the column

If we are using pivot table
 Go to the format heading of the first column(which is to be hidden)

 And set the font color as 'WHITE'

And check the result
 Again go to the Format Measure values
And make the font as 'WHITE'

And border as 'Custom' and check the three layers and give the color as '#CCCCCC" as shown

And check the result
 Now for the first column change the background color of the format heading to 'WHITE' and in the border
change the 'Custom' to '#CCCCCC'
 And finally add right indent in the 'Additional Formatting Options' in the 'Format Measure Values'
in the second column to 100.So that it looks like its in the middle.

And check the result. 

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